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BlockChain.Com Pockets – Why transaction FEE May be very HIGH

In case you are utilizing default prompt price and the overall price of your transaction (TX) could be very excessive, then the reason being per my understanding both that

A) the Bitcoin has at present too many transactions to verify (so the charges are excessive). It’s possible you’ll test it at https://bitcoinfees.web

B) your TX measurement (in bytes) is excessive due to for instance excessive variety of unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) which are going to be spend in your new TX. One can customise and reduce Satoshi/byte price of the TX and wait longer time for the affirmation. In the event you can afford sending decrease quantity and ship the remainder later, then different choice is to reduce variety of talked about UTXO that shall be utilized in your TX (reducing complete TX byte measurement which can lower the price that depends upon it). In Electrum pockets app, it’s Cash tab and Coin management choice, choosing low variety of greater UTXO). But if you wish to sweep all funds, you might have to spend all UTXO anyway quickly or later – however possibly schedule it for the time when community shall be utilized decrease:,1y,rely – it could assist to estimate how typically there are durations of low charges. Btw. some BTC servers has restrict of minimal accepted sat/byte, although you might change used server in lots of pockets apps.

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