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lightning community – EstimateFee – Invalid Size Vacation spot Key

I’ve setup a regnet take a look at community with two LND nodes. One to ship cash and the second (lnd2) to generate invoices on. I’m writing code to simulate a cellular app. I am at present attempting to calculate the charge to pay an bill and making an attempt to name /v2/router/route/estimatefee

I am getting this error once I execute the code under:
‘code’: 2, ‘message’: ‘invalid size vacation spot key’, ‘particulars’: []

I will admit the byte to uncooked to decode has me a bit confused. However I am unsure I am feeding the right tackle.

import base64
import codecs
import json
import requests
payment_alias = b'02183a81bfb5ce3a221d'
payment_destination = '02183a81bfb5ce3a221d15ffa67c2a1d796746ac89f1c81850577b52ec1633e339'

payment_addr = "iDPo2lElCqV9qx0GMB0SMfraU9CGOoGU4xSTNN9hYoM="
qrinvoice = "lnbcrt7u1psa67zapp52r4x8naek9lk47vzlmxrvjsyqkf0ecpvpnwz3jfrcnzhealyyfcqdqlw3jhxapqw35xjueqda6hggr5wfujqdqcqzpgxqyz5vqsp53qe73kj3y5922ldtr5rrq8gjx8ad557sscagr98rzjfnfhmpv2ps9qyyssq2sn9wg448t083sxqzsckc2l3jt26k5zy5l8g4ufeqgg53kxhule3p7dcwmd77v324jmd4z8r87tx9fal3a47vv344qsx03pjy43m2ysqy58usq"

lnd2 = ""
lnd1 = ""

knowledge = 
             'dest': base64.b64encode(payment_alias).decode(),
             'amt_sat': 200


macaroonhex = <a macaroon> 
headers = 'Grpc-Metadata-macaroon': macaroonhex

r = requests.publish(url, knowledge=json.dumps(
    knowledge), headers=headers, confirm=cert_path)

Your surroundings
Two LND nodes on Debian 10.
Linux #1 SMP Debian 4.19.208-1 (2021-09-29) x86_64 GNU/Linux
LND “model”: “0.14.0-beta commit=v0.14.0-beta”,
bitcoind model: 220000

Steps to breed
Create an bill.
Run above code
Anticipated behaviour
I ought to get a charge again however simply get error.

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